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Drive English Medium

by Incubus

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Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear.
And I, I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear
take the wheel and steer.

It's driven me before,
and it to have a vague,
haunting mass appeal.
And I'm beginning to find that I
be the one behind the wheel.

Whatever brings I'll be there
with open and eyes, yeah.
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there,
I'll be there.

So if I decide to waiver my to be one of the hive
will I over wine
and my own and drive? oh oh oooh.

It's driven me before
and it seems to be the way
that everyone else around.
But lately I'm beginning to that
I drive my is found.

Whatever brings I'll be there
with and eyes, yeah.
tomorrow brings I'll be there,
I'll be there...

you choose water wine....
hold the wheel and drive?

Whatever tomorrow I'll be there
with arms and open eyes.
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
I'll be there

Dududuu Dududu Dududududu
Tomorrow Dududududuu
Dududuuu Dududu Dududududu
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