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Future Love Paradise English Medium

by Seal

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
But if you could see them
You know faces
There were and queens
Followed by princes and princesses
There were future power people
Throwin to the loveless
Shining a light 'cause they wanted it seen

Well, there were cries
Well, there were cries of why

Followed by cries of why
by cries of why not

Can I reach out for you if that feels good to me?

And the riders not us
'Cause the only love they'll find is paradise
No, the riders will not us
'Cause the only they'll is paradise (paradise, yeah)

Mm, don't you know that racism in among kings
Can to no good? (to no good)
Besides your, and daughters (sons and daughters)
Already know how that feels, one day
One day (One day)
All the queens will round
Spreading love and unity so we can be found
Well then all the say it's all to do with drugs
Drugs for the gentlemen
When love
Inject me with a love, all right


Paradise, yeah

(Love paradise) one in and out is gonna make you feel good
(Paradise) coming at you like a would
(Paradise) stay close to me I'll always be by your side
Save it, baby, you know it's all right
(Paradise) you me of a girl I knew paradise
(Paradise) born so beautiful once aside her
(Paradise) you me feel like I need your love, love, love
Want to fill me with your love
Fix me with love, all right


Oh, we'll be livin' in a paradise
well then make you feel surely
Like you've felt never felt I'll
myself to you
And if you change your mind
I'll do anything
Just to make the peaceful
Just to make life wonderful
I will drown all your sorrows
In a future love paradise
love paradise
Future paradise
Damn, well, then make you feel surely
Like you've never felt before
I'll give
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