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The Best You Never Had English Medium

by Leona Lewis

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
I was so in love you
There was nothing I could do
Wouldn't me the time of day
Now you wanna be with me
You say you wanna be with me

You I was the best
Gave love out to the rest
There was nothing I could say
But now it's going good for me
You say you be with me

Yeah, you're telling me that I am where it's at
But I ain't none of that....

Because I told you, you'd to regret it,
and now I don't wanna make you feel bad,
But when it comes to me just forget it,
I'll be the best you never had,
You put me through so many emotions,
Now it's your turn for that,
'cause in your empty I left a mark,
The you never had.

No, No, No

You saw me as a friend,
Baby I don't revenge,
But if you must know the truth,
What you didn't see in me
what you never be now,
When you're telling me I was always the one,
I feel your desperation.


Back rubs, good love, my stuff
That's what you missed out on
My touch... so much we have
You miss,
My kiss,
My lips,
The love I had for you
Our song, so long

[Chorus x2]

I will be the best you never had

The you never had
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