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I Surrender English Easy

by David Sylvian

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
I opened up the pathway of the heart
The flowers died embittered from the start

That night I the of sighs and I surrendered

I looked back and glimpsed the outline of a boy
His life of sorrows now collapsing joy

And the are all and I surrender
My cries beneath a southern sky and I surrender

Recording angels and the poets of the night
Bring back the trophies of the battles that we fight

the open skies and I surrender

Outrageous cries of love have you back
Derailed the of thought, demolished wayward tracks

You tell me I've no need to why I just surrender

I too close to see the sleight of hand
How she found this child the frightened man

I'm learning how to fly and I surrender

I've travelled all this way for your embrace
Enraptured by the on your face

Hold me now while my old life tonight and I surrender
My mother cries beneath the open and I surrender

An ancient evening just before the fall
The light in your eyes, the meaning of it all

Birds fly and fill the summer skies and I surrender

She throws the into the sea
"Come find the of the word inside of me"

It's alright the stars are all aligned and I surrender
My mother cries beneath the skies and I surrender

My to in her hands
The disappearing of in the sand

Tell me now that this love will never die and I'll surrender
My cries beneath the open skies and I
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