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Happily Ever After English Medium

by Hurry! Lets Go

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True love
True love
They've found their true love

There used to be this girl, who couldn’t find her way,
She was lost in time, that’s what they all say,
They always called her names, and she was so afraid,
crossed the line and she ran away,
She to the city and found herself a job,
She worked all day and she saved it all,
So she could buy a bed and then get some sleep,
But without any cash, she could eat,

She hardly eat, she could eat,
She could hardly eat, she could eat,

Then she prayed to herself that she could go back in time,
She felt so horrible ever she left her life,

She was down on her luck until she met a special guy,
One with money and a place to sleep, one who never lied,
He was kind and he was young, He was widowed with a son,
He had of his own, he didn’t own a gun,
Then he met this poor old girl, she put light, in his world,

It was and it was sad, the man was a single dad,
He raised his kid, by himself, in his home,
He was all alone, and he never used his telephone,

used his telephone, never used his telephone,

The last call, that he got, was from, the hospital,
His had been her was critical,

Now the girl is in love, and she thinks she has enough,
She now her life, now there’s no stress and strife,
The on her mind, is this, special guy,
He treats her right, and she to be his wife,
But he isn’t ready yet for such a big step,
He still has things on his mind that causes his regret,
But he’s in love with the girl; he wants to move on,
So now both of finally found true love,

true love, found their love,
Found thier true love, found
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