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Seven trials
Every night's a gamble
Even when I turn off all the lights
All I see are puzzles (yeah)

I'd rather be dreaming
I'm sleepin'
To islands in the sky
I need you to fly me away

different ways
We been sleeping on (yuh)
the ground
Tryna what's wrong

Plant a seed, burn it down, make it freeze, it
Then we shock it 'til we bring it to its knees
Heaven blowing on my dice, for a price
I the breeze, you were born like a knight
Running, climbing, swimming, gliding
I'm alright

I'd be dreaming
Floating I'm sleepin'
To in the sky
I need you to fly me away

And when I'm lying in bed
The in my head
Keeps 'bout my life
of I couldn't answer if I tried

I'd rather be dreaming
while I'm sleepin'
To islands in the sky
I you to fly me away
Please fly me away
Won't you just fly me away
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