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Metamodernity English Medium

by Vansire

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
One, two, three, four
Next to Hudson Yards
It's crowded on the weekdays
From April to May
Parse apart a heart from an E Train
And about it in L.A.
And clouds in your rearview
You start along
To the first verse
Of favourite song
That you quote day with the words all wrong
So call me when the looks bleak
I you but it's hard to believe
With every day we'll start to see
The rest is metamodernity
With agrestic charm
It's humid in the midwest
From June to July
All beneath a pinkish sky from the wildfires
Which mantle the horizon line
From the outset
It's been hard to tell
Why you'd feel this down
it all bodes well
So call me the world bleak
I you but it's hard to believe
With every day we'll to see
The is metamodernity
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