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it's a calming notion, perpetual in motion
But I don't need the comfort of any lies
For I have the ending and is no ascending
Oh, back when I was younger, was told by youngsters
That my end be torture beneath the earth
'Cause I don't see they see, when death is staring at me
I see a window, a limit, to live it, or not at all
If you could the lever to carry on forever
life even matter anymore?
it's a calming notion, in motion
But it's not what you signed up for
I'm sure won't be sunshine
But there's momentary of light
You don't have to wait those salty decades
To get through the gate, it's all in front of your face
I'm sure won't always be sunshine
I'm sure won't always be sunshine
But there's this momentary beam of light
I could cross the ocean in a fit of devotion
For second, this fragile body beckons
You you're owed it better believing ancient letters
Sure it's a calming notion, but it's a lie
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