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Nothing English Easy

by Bruno Major

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and red wine
Movies for two
We'll take off our phones
And we'll off our shoes
We'll Nintendo
Though I lose
'Cause you'll watch the TV
While I'm you
There's not many people
I'd say
I don't to
But there's nothing
Like doing nothing
With you
Dumb conversations
We lose track of time
Have I you lately
I'm grateful you're mine
We'll watch The Notebook
For the 17th time
I'll say "It's stupid"
Then you'll catch me crying
We're not making out
On a boat in the rain
Or in a house I've blue
But there's nothing
Like doing nothing
So shut all the windows
And lock all the doors
We're not for no one
Don't need nothing more
You'll bite my lip and
I'll want you more
Until we end up in a heap on the floor
You could be dancing on tabletops
Drinking until the world
a wheel
But tonight your apartment
Had so appeal
Who stars?
We've got a roof
But there's nothing
Like doing nothing
With you
No, there's nothing
doing nothing
With you
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