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Cinema Italiano English Easy

by Kate Hudson


I love the black and white
I love the play of light
The way Contini puts his image through a prism
I feel my body chill
Gives me a special thrill
Each time I see that Guido neo realism
I love the dark handsome guys
With their skinny ties
Dressing mod looking out of sight
I love to watch them as they cruise
With their pointy leather shoes
Wearing shades in the middle of the night
Whatever Guido does it makes me smile
He is the essence of Italian style...
I love the glamorously Latin world that only Guido
Can portray
Contini's Cinema Italiano
I love his Cinema Italiano
He makes me feel with Cinema Italiano
My life is real with Cinema Italiano
He is the king of Cinema Italiano

Those scene I love to see
From Guido's POV
There's no one else with his unique director's vision
His angles wide and tight
Each moment feel so right
Defines italian style by only his decision
I love the speedy little car
The hip coffe bar the sleek
Women in Positano
Guido's the ultimate "Uomo Romano"
Contini's Cinema Italiano
I love his Cinema Italiano
Guido Guido Guido!
Guido Guido Guido!
Guido Guido Guido!
Guido Guido!

Dark handsome guys, skinny little ties
Shades in the middle of the night
Speedy little cars, hip coffe bars, sleek!
Women in Positano!

(Ecco el re del Cinema Italiano)
(Questo-o-è el Cinema Italiano)
(Nella mia anima)
(Nella mia anima)
(Nella mia anima)
(Cinema Italiano)
(Bianco nero!)
(Bianco nero!)
(Bianco nero, nero, nero)
(Nella mia anima)
Cinema Italiano
(Nella mia anima!)
Cinema Italiano
(Contini's cinema)

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