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Talk You Down English Medium

de The Script

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I can feel the colour running
As it's fading from my face
Try to speak but nothing's coming
Nothing I say to make you stay
your suitcase call a taxi
It's 3am now where you gonna go?
friends in London
And that's all I get to know

Just a ciggarette gone
No you couldn't be that far
I'm driving my car to I hope you are
I can talk you down
Maybe I can talk you down
we're on a ledge
this over the edge
Gonna use my and not my head
And try to open up your eyes
This is a relationship suicide
Cos if you go, I go
Cos if you go, I go

Taking shortcuts through the alleys
you're racing my mind
Cops can chase but they won't catch me
Not I get to my mind
If there's still time Oh

we're standing on a tiny ledge
this goes over the edge
Gonna use my and not my head
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