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Kill 'Em With Kindness English Easy

de Selena Gomez

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The world can be a place
You know it, I know it, yeah
See, we don't have to from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with
And 'em with kindness
'em with kindness
'em, 'em, kill 'em with kindness
'em kindness
Kill 'em kindness
Go ahead, go now
We're running out of time chasing our lives
Everyday a small piece of you dies
There's aways you're willing to fight, to be right
lies are bullets, mouth's a gun
No war and anger was ever won
Put out the before igniting
Next time you're fighting
Please, kill 'em with kindness
Kill 'em kindness
'em, 'em, kill 'em with kindness
'em with kindness
'em with kindness
Go ahead, go ahead now
Your lies are bullets, your mouth's a gun
No war and anger was won
Put out the fire before igniting
Why can't we stop fighting?
And kill 'em kindness
Kill 'em with kindness
'em, kill 'em, kill 'em with kindness
Kill 'em with kindness
Kill 'em with kindness
Go ahead, go ahead now
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