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I would say my biggest weakness is working to hard
And uhhh loving too deeply
And uhhh strenghts that are too strong
And .. why did you leave your job?
Ahh.. i was a DJ

Well, it's kind of a long story

Tonight's the night we can leave it all behind
We're gonna run this town, nothing but music on our mind
(You came to the right place, you're a damn fine with a nice face)
DJ the play all night long
Won't you kick it off by spinning my favorite song?
(Sorry but my playlist is already set, this will turn into a circus if I take requests)
Just living for tonight and nothing more
So crank it up while we rock on the dance floor
All the stress and the worries disappear
So DJ turn it up in here
(The volume is already at the legal limit, so calm down and let me do my job for a minute, b*tch)

Oh DJ, play my now (No, me alone!)
And turn the music up (These levels are really ideal)
Tonight's the one night that matters (That seems short sighted)
We'll dance 'til the sun comes up, up, up
(The club closes at 3, guys; just managing expectations)
'Til the sun comes up, up, up
(Last call's a 2:30; it's enforced)
'Til the sun comes up

enjoy the party like everyone else, OK?
You're getting creepy.

Tonight's the we forget about the of the world
(Why'd you follow me here? I'm a piss; can't use my d*ck to control my playlist)
Music's what I need and I'm a very needy girl
(It's been an hour since we closed the club; I can't play my gear's unplugged)
I'm go hot until I got nothing left
(Aaah, aah!)
No need to slow down, I can just sleep when I'm dead
(I'm not a DJ when I'm in the office; you're gonna get me fired if you don't this)

Hands in the air, wave 'em side to side (Not again!)
Then to the other side and back to the side (That is the dumbest dance)
Just keep your hands up, don't put 'em down
Oh mister DJ, turn it up right now
(I don't wanna everyone hearing loss; joy has a life long cost, b*tch)

Oh DJ, play my song now (No, leave me alone!)
And turn the music up (I can't get another noise violation)
Tonight's the one night that matters (Why are you yelling?)
We'll dance 'til the sun up, up, up
(You just rhymed "up" with "up"; you're phoning this in.)
'Til the sun comes up, up, up
(Does "mouse" rhyme with "mouse"? No, it's the same word.)
'Til the sun comes up

VIP trying to keep it low key
You're killing me with the karaoke
Good lord, we didn't deserve this
Nobody ordered Lohan the bottle service
You're actin' like a president elect
Quiet down, show the DJ a little respect
Oh, you wanna hear your favorite song?
Stay at home in your pajamas, turn the stereo on
He wanna play David Bowie tonight
your mouth, and enjoy songs about space flight
Ground control to a major ego
Sh*t, she tricked me into on her single

DJ, my song now (Did my agent sign me up for this?)
And turn the music up (What the hell, you're fired)
Tonight's the one that (I got you ten of this track)
We'll dance 'til the sun comes up, up, up
(What the hell, you're rehired) ('Til the sun comes up)
(No! Et tu, Brute?)
'Til the sun up, up, up ('Til the sun comes up)
(Why are you doing this to me? She's ruining my life)
'Til the sun comes up (Quit it)
('Til the sun comes up)

And that's the end of my story; I've never back since.
Oh... I think you're gonna like it here.

Oh DJ, play my song now
And turn the music up
Tonight's the one night that matters
We'll dance 'til the sun comes up
'Til the sun comes up
'Til the sun comes up

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