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Prehistoric ("Toxic" By Britney Spears) English Easy

de History Teachers

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traits, herity
Changed over time
That’s the theory of Darwin
Were earliest
Of those apes”
and furriest
In Africa
Two feet
On the ground
Bipedal species wondering all around
We’re related how?
Over ages of time they’re fossilized
I’ve got to wonder
With a brain the of a human size
We’re related to you? so prehistoric
We you do, ‘cause you’re so prehistoric
Would come along
A rival species
Only one was strong
Survived to write this song
In the ground
dig all around
You the now?
When the C-14 data is analysed
Prehistoric, I’ve got to wonder
a face that we barely
descended from you?
you’re so prehistoric
We like you do
you’re so (X2)
Over ages of time they’re fossilised
Prehistoric, got to wonder
With a brain that’s a third of the human size
related to you?
Cause you’re so prehistoric
the Paleolithic way of
Prehistoric gatherer-hunter
Through the Ice Age we survived
And we owe it to you
Though you’re so prehistoric
Excavate you now
With the shovels now
I think I’m ready now
Excavate you now
With the shovels now
I think I’m ready now
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