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Celebration English Medium

de Madonna

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I think you come over, yeah I heard it through the grapevine.
Are you drunk or you sober? Think about it, doesn’t matter
And if it you feel good I say do it,
I don’t know waiting for

Feel my temperature rising
There’s too heat I’m gonna lose control
Do you want to go higher, get closer to the fire,
I know what you’re for

Come join the party, yeah
Coz anybody just won’t do.
Let’s get this started, yeah
Coz everybody wants to party with you.

Boy you got a reputation, but you’re gonna have to prove it
I see a little hesitation,
Am I have to you that if it feels right, get on marks
to the beat boy it’s for
Put arms around me
When it too hot we can go outside
But for now come here, let me in ear
An invitation to the dance of life

Come join the party, it’s a celebration
just won’t do
Let’s get this started, no more hesitation
Coz everybody wants to party with you

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
You look familiar
You wanna dance? Yeah.
I guess I don’t recognize you your clothes on… (laughs)
What are you for?

Boy got it
Coz just won’t do
Let’s get it started, no more hesitation
Coz wants to party with you
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