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Upside Down English Medium

de Jack Johnson

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Who's to say
What's impossible, well they forgot
This keeps spinning
And with each new day
I can feel the change in everything
And as the reflections fade
But in some ways remain the same
And as my mind begins to spread its wings
There's no stopping curiosity
I wanna turn the whole thing upside down
I'll find the things they say can't be found
I'll share love I everyone
We'll sing and to Mother Nature's songs
I don't want feeling to go away

Who's to say
I can't do everything
I can try
And as I along I to find
Things aren't always just what they seem
I want to turn the whole thing upside down
I'll find the things they say just can't be found
I'll this love I with everyone
We'll and to Nature's songs
This world keeps spinning and there's no
Time to waste
Well it all
Keeps spinning spinning round and round and
Upside down
Who's to say what's impossible
And can't be found
I don't this feeling to go away

Please don't go away

Is this how it's supposed to be

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