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My Favourite Game English Medium

de The Cardigans

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I don't know what you're for

you haven't found it that's for sure

You rip me up and spread me all around

in the dust of the deed of time

And this is not a case of lust you see

it's not a matter of you of me

It's fine the way you me on your own

but in the end it's always me

And I'm my favourite game

you're losing your mind

I'm losing my babay

losing my favourite

I only know what I've for

you so I could love you

I really thought that I could take you there

but my is not us anywhere

I had a I could turn you right

a stupid mission and a fight

I should seen it when my was new

my heart is black and my is

And I'm losing my favourite game

you're losing mind

I'm losing my favourite game

I've but you're still the same

I'm losing my

you're losing a saviour and a saint
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