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Johnny and Mary English Medium

de Robert Palmer

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Johnny's running around
Trying to find certainty
He needs all the world to confirm
he ain't lonely
the walls
Knows he tires easily
Johnny thinks the world would be right
If it could buy the truth you
Mary says he his mind
More than a woman
But she made her bed
Even when the chance was slim

Johnny says he's to learn
he decides he's a fool
Johnny says he'll live anywhere
When he earns time to
Mary combs her hair
Says she should be used to it
Mary always hedges her bets
She never knows to think
She says that he acts like he's being discovered
that he'll be caught
a second thought
Running around

Johnny feels he's wasting his breath
Trying to talk to her
Mary he's lacking a real sense of proportion
So she combs her hair
Knows he tires easily
Johnny's always running around
to find certainty
He all the to confirm
That he ain't lonely
Mary the walls
Says she be used to it
Johnny's always running around

Running around

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