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I Need You English Medium

de Marc Anthony

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From the day I met you girl
I knew your love would be
Everything I ever wanted in my life
From the you spoke my name
I new everything had changed
Because of you I felt my life would be complete

Oh baby I need you
For the rest of my life girl I need you
To make everything right girl
I love you
And I’ll never deny that I you

Nothing matters but you my love
And only God above
be the one to know how I feel
I could die in your arms now
Knowing you somehow
take my soul and it
deep heart

[Repeat refrain]

Girl love to me feels just like magic
you smile you have total control
You have power like nothing felt before
I’ve let all of my feelings show
Cuz I you to know that.. I you

I need you, for the rest of my life girl
I need you, say that you’ll be my wife oh
I love you, you marry me marry me
Oh I need you (nobody but you)
Oooh I need you, for the rest of my life
Oh I need you (nobody but you)
Wont you marry me marry me
I love you, I need ya baby (I
really nobody but you)
I you
I need… need you
girl I really need you need you
(I need you)
Oohhh baby I love you (I love you)
I need you, I need
ya need ya oh baby…
you marry me (I need you)
Wont you me marry me
I love you.. oohh ..
I need you. (I really need nobody but you)
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