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Should Have Kissed You English Easy

de One Direction

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I keep playing it my head
all you to me
I lie awake to convince myself
This wasn't just a dream
cos you were right there
And I should have taken the chance
But I got so scared
and I lost the moment again
It's all that I can about
your all that I can think about
Is your heart taken
Is there somebody on your mind
I'm so sorry, I'm so confused just
tell me- am I out of time?
Is your breaking
How do you feel about me now
I cant I let you walk away when
when I have you.
Every morning I Ieave my house
I for you
I see you everytime I close my eyes
am I gonna do.,
And all my friends say
that I'm punching over my weight
But in eyes I
saw how you looking at me
It's all I can think about
all I can think
Is heart taken
Is somebody else on your mind
I'm so sorry, It's so confusing
me- am I out of time?
Is your heart breaking
How do you feel me now
I cant believe I let you walk away when
when I should have you.
you stood there
a heartbeat away
we were dancing
and you looked up at me
If I had known then
that I'd be feeling this way
If I could replay
I would have never let you go
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