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Now ain't it that I feel like Philby,
There's a stranger in my soul,
I'm lost in transit in a city,
I can't in from the cold,
I'm deep in action on a secret mission,
Contact's broken down,
Time drags by, I'm above suspicion,
There's a voice on the telephone
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well it is in this city,
Contact's show,
I've got a code which can't be broken,
My eyes never seem to close,
Well, I'm standing here in the silent city,
Shadows falling down,
I'm disconnected but I don't need pity,
The night's gonna burn on slow.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Now ain't it funny that I feel Philby,
A stranger on a foreign shore,
I've got my and I quickly,
There's a knock upon the door,
Still in transit and I'm close to danger,
My can't be blown,
It's getting and it's crazy,
Tell me, what is going on?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Four o'clock and nothing's moving,
Six o'clock and the daylight's stirring,
A Morning comes, must be on.
All long my mind's been burning,
Makes me feel such a long, long way from home,

Now ain't it strange that I feel like Philby,
There's a in my soul
I'm lost in in a lonesome city
I can't in from the cold
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