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If I Had Eyes English Medium

de Jack Johnson

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If I had eyes in the of my head
I would have you that
You looked good
As I walked away

And if you could've tried to trust the that fed
You would've been hungry
But you never really be

The more of this or less of or is there any difference
or are we just holding onto the we don't have anymore

Sometimes time doesn't heal
No not at all
Just stand still
we fall
In or out of again I doubt I'm gonna win you back
When you got eyes like that
It won't let me in
Always looking out

Lot of people spend their time just floating
We victims together but lonely
You got hungry eyes that can't look forward
Can't give them enough but we just can't over
Building bent nails we're
falling but holding, I don't wanna up anymore of your time
Time time time

doesn't heal
No not all
While we fall
In or out of love again I I'm win you back
When you got like that
It won't let me in
looking out
Always lookin'
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