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Nikita English Medium

by Elthon Jon

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Hey Nikita is it cold
In your little of the world
You could roll around the globe
And never find a warmer soul to know

Oh I saw you by the wall
Ten of your tin soldiers in a row
that looked like ice on fire
The a captive in the snow

Oh Nikita You never know anything about my home
I'll never know how it to you
I you so
Oh Nikita is the other side of any given line in time
Counting ten tin soldiers in a row
Oh no, Nikita you'll know

Do you ever dream of me
Do you ever see the letters I write
When you look up the wire
Nikita do you the stars at night

And if comes a time
Guns and gates no hold you in
And if you're free to make a choice
Just look the west and find a friend
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