Civilization by Justice

Standing in line
As we march
To the drums of the east.
And possessed
By (1)__________________ (2)________________ .
Lost to the sirens
That (3)________ (4)________ the
Turbulent tide
Bound by the science
That lives on the
Lips of the wise

The beating of a (5)______________ drums
The (6)________ of a million guns
The (7)____________ of a (8)______________ sons

Stand aside
As (9)________ bow
To the call of the beast
And seduced
By the (10)____________ released
Cast to the ground
By the whim
Of the (11)__________________ skies
Born to the fire
That burns
In the all (12)____________ eye

The (13)______________ of a (14)______________ drums
The fire of a (15)______________ guns
The mother of a (16)________________ sons

The (17)______________ of a million drums
The (18)________ of a (19)______________ guns
The (20)____________ of a (21)________________ sons
(1) crusaders(2) deceased(3) call(4) from(5) million(6) fire(7) mother(8) million(9) they(10) demons(11) merciless(12) seeing(13) beating(14) million(15) million(16) millions(17) beating(18) fire(19) million(20) mother(21) millions