Show Must Go On by Queen

Empty (1)____________ - what are we (2)____________ for?
Abandoned places - I guess we know the score..
On and on!
Does (3)______________ know (4)________ we are looking for?

Another hero - (5)______________ mindless crime
Behind the curtain, in the pantomime.
Hold the line!
Does anybody (6)________ to (7)________ it anymore?
The (8)________ must go on!
The Show must go on!Yeah!
Inside my heart is breaking,
My make-up may be flaking,
But my smile, still, stays on!

Whatever happens, I'll leave it all to chance.
Another heartache - another (9)____________ romance.
On and on...
Does anybody know (10)________ we are living for?
I guess i'm learning
I must be warmer now..
I'll soon be turning, round the (11)____________ now.
Outside the (12)________ is breaking,
But (13)____________ in the dark I'm (14)____________ to be free!

The Show must go on!
The Show (15)________ go on! Yeah,yeah!
Ooh! (16)____________ my heart is breaking!
My make-up may be flaking...
But my smile, still, stays on!
Yeah! oh oh oh

My soul is painted (17)________ the wings of butterflies,
Fairy (18)__________ of yesterday, (19)________ grow but never die,
I can fly, my friends!

The Show (20)________ go on! Yeah!
The (21)________ must go on!
I'll face it with a grin!
I'm never giving in!
On with the show!

I'll top the bill!
I'll overkill!
I (22)________ to find the (23)________ to carry on!
On (24)________ the,
On with the show!

The (25)________ must go on.
(1) spaces(2) living(3) anybody(4) what(5) another(6) want(7) take(8) Show(9) failed(10) what(11) corner(12) dawn(13) inside(14) aching(15) must(16) Inside(17) like(18) tales(19) will(20) must(21) Show(22) have(23) will(24) with(25) Show