The Vikings ("Personal Jesus" By Depeche Mode) by History Teachers

Here we come
Setting out to explore
Praying to Thor
Here we come
Dragon ships on the sea
Drinking our mead
From skandinavian lands are we
Danes, Norwegians and some swedes
Do a little raiding
Our villages are waiting
They call us “Norse”
Praying to their lord
Deliver us from the norseman´s sword
Raid the monastery in 793
We are the vikings
Here we come
Longships (1)______________ to shore, using our oars
Here we come
Silver combs in our hair
Wearing fur of a bear
Setting in (2)____________ and Normandy
Pushing down to the Mead Sea
Bodyguards to Byzantines
We (3)________________ three (4)______________ kings
And when we (5)____________ we set our (6)__________ on fire
Were the Vikings
Here we come
We are the Vikings
We are the Vikings
A (7)____________ normannorum libera nos Domine
We are the Vikings
(1) pulling(2) Dublin(3) supplied(4) English(5) expire(6) boats(7) furore