Destiny by Marija Serifovic

It's (1)________ a long way
I tried hard not to (2)________ apart
Every (3)__________ I pray
And your (4)__________ is singing in my heart
I have (5)________ waiting
A long time for you to take my hand
Loving and hating
A desire that I don’t understand
I can't breath, I can't sleep
Why can't I get through to you?
I can't think, I can't speak
What am I to do?
I’ve been (6)______________ for (7)__________________ to guide me
Even though I’ve (8)__________ I can't (9)________ you
If I let you go, I’d betray my soul
I know (10)________ this is (11)__________________ more
Even though nothing’s spoken for,
a way that you (12)________ (13)________ the same (14)______________ me
Read the stars and see my scars
I feel so low when you’re away
So reach out, it’s not far
Listen to me pray
I've been looking for (15)__________________ to guide me
Even though I tried I can't deny you
If I let you go (let you go)
I betray my (16)________ (my soul)
I know that this is (17)__________________ more
Even though (even though), nothing's spoken for (spoken for)
A way that you will (18)________ the same
'bout mee.. ooohhh
If I let you go (let you go)
I (19)____________ my soul (my soul)
I know this is something more
Even though, (even though) (20)______________ (21)____________ for (spoken for)
I (22)________ that you (23)________ feel the same 'bout me
Faith is (24)____________ me
(1) been(2) fall(3) night(4) voice(5) been(6) looking(7) something(8) tried(9) deny(10) that(11) something(12) will(13) feel(14) ‘bout(15) something(16) soul(17) something(18) feel(19) betray(20) nothing(21) spoken(22) pray(23) will(24) within