Forever Free by Wasp

I ride all alone and can't see

The road to nowhere anymore

And shadows whispers are (1)______________ me

To forbidden (2)______________ by the shore

And there she fell, deep in the night

One (3)____________ away (4)________ heaven's light

And she said - don't cry for me, I'm leaving you

The wind (5)__________ her name in the breeze

But I can't hold her anymore

Some fallen (6)__________ had (7)________ to me

And fell to heavy on my soul

And stole from me the love that I heard

Lords of time say (8)__________ die

And (9)________ - don't cry for me, (10)__________ I'll be

Riding the (11)________ forever free

High in the (12)________ (13)______________ (14)________

I'll ride the wind forever (15)________

High in the wind (16)______________ (17)________

Forever free

Forever in my (18)____________ a fire, a (19)________ burning

I wake up (20)____________ and hear her crying, crying my (21)________

Riding the (22)________ forever (23)________

High in the wind forever (24)________

I ride the (25)________ forever free

High in the wind (26)______________ free

Forever free
(1) calling(2) forests(3) breath(4) from(5) cries(6) angel(7) come(8) never(9) said(10) cause(11) wind(12) wind(13) forever(14) free(15) free(16) forever(17) free(18) hearts(19) fire(20) nights(21) name(22) wind(23) free(24) free(25) wind(26) forever