Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria

1, 2, 3, 4
Come on baby
Keep it down, (1)__________ hush your lips
Clothes (2)________________ from the backdoor
To the bedroom
And I don't even know your name
Give me all you've got
Make (3)________ night (4)__________ my time
Make this worth my time
(Oh ) what I would give to live (5)________ (6)__________ again
I knew (7)________ I first saw you
You'd **** like a *****
You'd (8)________ like a *****
I can hear you scream for more
Your thighs (9)________ (10)________ for (11)____________ to graze
My lips, your poison
They bring you down to your knees
Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze
My lips, your poison
They bring you down to your knees

(Oh, (12)________ on)

Girl get down
It's (13)____________ over
Take it all the way (oh)
You (14)____________ (15)______________ *****

And after all of all my dreaming being (16)________ you
You're standing there baby
(Oh) the things that I could do
Back to the wall with a drink in my hand
Back it up, baby ride, ride, ride...
One (17)________ too late
And I never told you (never (18)________ you)
That I can't take (19)______________ disappointment
Breathing and grasping
All (20)__________ to another messy ending
Breathing and grasping
All leads to another (21)__________ ending

(Dead end)
With your (22)________ against the wall
With (23)________ face buried in the pillow
I see you cold, I feel you heartless
*****, you stupid ******* *****
You stupid ******* *****
******* *****

(1) honey(2) trailing(3) this(4) worth(5) this(6) night(7) when(8) ****(9) were(10) made(11) cheeks(12) come(13) almost(14) stupid(15) *******(16) only(17) step(18) told(19) another(20) leads(21) messy(22) back(23) your