Under Pressure by Queen

(Um (1)________ ba bay)
(Um boom ba bay)
(Um boom ba ba bay)
Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for
Under pressure
That burns a building down
Splits a (2)____________ in two
Puts people on streets
(Um ba ba bay)
(Um ba ba bay)
(Dee day duh)
(Ee day duh)
That's ok
It's the (3)____________ of knowing
What the (4)__________ is about
Watching some (5)________ friends
Screaming "let me out"
Pray (6)________________ gets me higher
Pressure on people, people on streets
Day day day
(Da da da dup bup)

Chippin' around
Kick my brains around the floor
These are the days it (7)__________ rains but it pours
(Ee do bay bup)
(Ee do bay ba bup)
(Ee do bup)
(Bay bup)
People on streets
(Dee da dee da day)
People on streets
(Dee da dee da dee da dee da)
It's the terror of knowing
What this (8)__________ is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming "let me out"
Pray tomorrow
Gets me (9)____________ high (high)
Pressure on people
People on streets

Turned (10)________ (11)________ it all (12)________ a blind man
Sat on a (13)__________ but it don't work
Keep coming up with love
But it's so slashed and torn
Why, why, why?
Love, love, love, love, love
Insanity laughs (14)__________ pressure we're cracking
Can't we give ourselves one (15)________ chance
Why can't we give love that one more chance?
Why can't we (16)________ love?
Give love, give love, (17)________ love
Give love, give love, give love...
'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love (18)__________ you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And loves dares you to change our way of
Caring (19)__________ ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure

Under pressure


(1) boom(2) family(3) terror(4) world(5) good(6) tomorrow(7) never(8) world(9) higher(10) away(11) from(12) like(13) fence(14) under(15) more(16) give(17) give(18) dares(19) about