Love Hurts by Nazareth

love hurts, (1)________ scars,

Love wounds, and marks,

Any heart, not tough,

Or strong, enough

To (2)________ a lot of pain,

Take a lot of pain

Love is (3)________ a cloud

Holds a lot of rain

Love hurts, ooh ooh love hurts

I'm young, i know,

But (4)________ so

I (5)________ a thing, or two

I learned, (6)________ you

I (7)____________ (8)______________ a lot,

Really (9)______________ a lot

Love is like a flame

It (10)__________ you when it's hot

Love hurts, ooh ooh (11)________ hurts

Some (12)__________ think of happiness

Blissfulness, togetherness

Some (13)__________ (14)________ (15)____________________ i guess

They're not foolin' me

I (16)________ it isn't true,

I know it isn't true

Love is (17)________ a lie,

Made to make you blue

Love hurts, ooh,ooh love hurts

Ooh,ooh (18)________ hurts

[guitar solo]

I know it isn't true,

I (19)________ it isn't true

Love is just a lie,

Made to (20)________ you blue

Love hurts, ooh ooh love hurts

Ooh ooh love hurts

Ooh ooh...

(1) love(2) take(3) like(4) even(5) know(6) from(7) really(8) learned(9) learned(10) burns(11) love(12) fools(13) fools(14) fool(15) themselves(16) know(17) just(18) love(19) know(20) make