Beat Of Your Heart (Live) by Hayley Westenra

Carry me away (1)________ this dark and lonely room
Light me in your arms
All I want to know is you
Chase away the darkness with everything you are
I will find my strength in the beat of your heart

Picture book of memories, how we used to be
Some (2)____________ spend a lifetime waiting for their dreams
But I won't (3)________ the answers by looking at the stars
I will find my strength in the beat of (4)________ heart
Time held in our (5)__________ will change into years gone by
If I can hold on to you
I'll leave all my fears behind
Holding on we (6)__________ like two flowers on the sea
Riding on the waves letting go of what will be
I won't find the (7)______________ by staring at the stars
I've found all my dreams in the beat of your heart
I've found all my (8)____________ in the beat
The beat of (9)________ heart

(1) from(2) people(3) find(4) your(5) hands(6) drift(7) answers(8) dreams(9) your