Foolish Games by Jewel

You took (1)________ (2)________ off
And (3)__________ in the rain
You're (4)____________ (5)__________ like that

And I (6)______________ from my window
Always felt I was outside
Looking in on you
You're always the mysterious one with
Dark (7)________ and (8)________________ (9)________ you were
Fashionably (10)__________________ but too (11)________ to care
You stood in my doorway
With nothing to say
Besides (12)________ (13)______________ on the weather
Well, in (14)________ you failed to notice
In case you (15)____________ to see
This is my heart
Bleeding before you
This is me down on my knees
And (16)__________ foolish games are
Tearing me apart
And your
Thoughtless words
Are breaking my heart
You're breaking my heart

You're always brilliant in the morning
Smoking your cigarettes
And (17)______________ over coffee
Your (18)________________________ on art Baroque moved do you love Mozart
And you'd speak of your loved ones
As I clumsily strummed my guitar
Well, (19)____________ me
Guess I've mistaken you for (20)________________ else
Somebody who gave a damn
Somebody more (21)________ myself
These foolish games
Are tearing me, you're tearing me
You're (22)______________ me apart
And your
Thoughtless (23)__________ are
Breaking my heart
You're breaking my heart

You (24)________ your (25)________ off
Stood in the rain
You're always (26)__________ like that

(1) your(2) coat(3) stood(4) always(5) crazy(6) watched(7) eyes(8) careless(9) hair(10) sensitive(11) cool(12) some(13) comment(14) case(15) failed(16) these(17) talking(18) philosophies(19) excuse(20) somebody(21) like(22) tearing(23) words(24) took(25) coat(26) crazy