Love by Petra

Love is patient, love is (1)________

No eyes of envy, true love is blind

Love is humble, it knows no (2)__________

No (3)______________ motive (4)____________ (5)____________

Love is gentle, makes no (6)______________

Despite all wrong, true live (7)__________ stands

Love is holy, (8)________ is pure

It lasts forever, it will endure


Love knows (9)________ to let go

Love knows (10)________ to say no

Love grows in the light of the Son

And love (11)__________ the world that the Son of Love has come

Love is loyal, (12)________________ the best

It loves the truth, love (13)____________ the test

Love is God sent in His Son

Love (14)________________ all we have (15)________

In (16)________ (17)__________ where hatred (18)__________ to grow

True love goes against the (19)________

And becomes so hard to show

In (20)________ world (21)__________ (22)________ (23)__________ to shove

We (24)________ strength to rise (25)__________

Through the power of His love

Lord, we (26)________ to know the (27)__________ of (28)________ love
(1) kind(2) pride(3) selfish(4) hidden(5) inside(6) demands(7) still(8) love(9) when(10) when(11) shows(12) believes(13) stands(14) forgives(15) done(16) this(17) world(18) seems(19) flow(20) this(21) where(22) push(23) turns(24) have(25) above(26) need(27) power(28) Your