For Once In My Life by Vonda Shepard

Written by ron (1)____________ and orlando murden

For once in my life

I have someone who needs me

Someone i've needed so long

For once unafraid

I can go where life (2)__________ me

And (3)______________ i (4)________ i'll be strong

For once i can touch

What my heart used to dream of

Long (5)____________ i knew

Someone (6)________ like you

Could make my dreams come true

For once in my life

I won't let sorrow (7)________ me

Not like it's (8)________ me before, oh

For once i've got someone

I know won't desert me

'cause i'm not alone anymore

For once i can say

This is mine, you can't take it

As (9)________ as i've got love i know i can make it

For once in my life

I've got someone who needs me

(1) miller(2) leads(3) somehow(4) know(5) before(6) warm(7) hurt(8) hurt(9) long