Stay With Me by You Me At Six

You've got a lot to say
For the one that (1)____________ away
I give, you take
That's the way it's (2)____________ been
(Oh) how do I know if I should stay or just go?
The bottom line is this way that I'll never know

Stay (3)________ me (stay with me, (4)________ (5)________ me)
Stay (6)________ me (oh)

You've got a lot to say
For the one that pushed me away
I give, you take
Some things, (7)________ never change
Just change...

Stay (8)________ me (stay with me, stay with me)
Stay with me
I (9)__________ knew (10)________ I (11)__________ be this way
I never (12)________ (13)________ I could (14)________ away
These (15)____________ take time to grow
It's been (16)________ (17)________ time heals wounds
But no, I won't be controlled
And so the story goes...

Stay (18)________ me (stay with me, (19)________ with me)
Stay (20)________ me...
And now I know (21)________ I can be this way
And now I know that I can (22)________ away…

(1) walked(2) always(3) with(4) stay(5) with(6) with(7) they(8) with(9) never(10) that(11) could(12) knew(13) that(14) walk(15) things(16) said(17) that(18) with(19) stay(20) with(21) that(22) walk