Something Stupid by Robbie Williams

I know I stand in line
Until you (1)__________ you have the time
To (2)__________ an evening with me
And if we go someplace to dance
I know that there's a chance
You won't be leaving (3)________ me

Then (4)____________________ we drop into a quiet (5)____________ place
And have a (6)__________ or two
And then I go and spoil it all
By (7)____________ (8)__________________ stupid
Like I (9)________ you

I can see it in your eyes
That you despise the same old lines
You heard the night before
And (10)____________ it's (11)________ a line to you
For me it's true
And (12)__________ (13)____________ so right before

I practice every day to find some (14)____________
lines to say
To make the (15)______________ (16)________ true
But (17)________ I think I'll (18)________ until the evening
gets late
And I'm alone with you

The time is right
Your perfume (19)__________ my head
The stars get red
And oh the night's so blue
And (20)________ I go and (21)__________ it all
By (22)____________ something stupid
Like I (23)________ you
I (24)________ you...
(1) think(2) spend(3) with(4) afterwards(5) little(6) drink(7) saying(8) something(9) love(10) though(11) just(12) never(13) seemed(14) clever(15) meaning(16) come(17) then(18) wait(19) fills(20) then(21) spoil(22) saying(23) love(24) love