Mary's Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift

She said, I was seven and you were nine
I looked at you like the (1)__________ that shined
In the sky
The pretty lights
And our (2)______________ used to joke about the two of us
Growing up and falling in love and our mamas smiled
And rolled (3)__________ eyes and said "oh my my my"

Take me back to the house in the backyard tree
Said you'd beat me up, you were bigger (4)________ me
You never did, you never did
Take me (5)________ when our world was one block wide
I dared you to kiss me and ran when you tried
Just two kids, you and I...
Oh my my my my

I was sixteen (6)________ suddenly
I wasn't that (7)____________ girl you used to see
But your eyes still shined like pretty lights
And our daddies used to joke about the two of us
They never believed we'd really fall in love
And our (8)__________ (9)____________ and rolled their eyes
And said "oh my my my..."
Take me back to the creek beds we (10)____________ up
2 a.m. riding in your truck
And all I need is you (11)________ to me
Take me back to the time we had our very first fight
The (12)________________ of doors instead of kissing goodnight
You stayed (13)______________ til the morning light
Oh my my my my

A few years had gone and come around
We were (14)______________ at our (15)________________ spot in town
And you looked at me, got (16)________ on one knee
Take me back to the time
When we walked down the aisle
Our (17)__________ town (18)________ and our mamas cried
You said "I do" and I did too
Take me home where we met so (19)________ years before
We'll rock our babies on (20)________ very front porch
After all (21)________ time, you and I
And I'll be eighty-seven
You'll be eighty-nine
I'll still look at you like the (22)__________ (23)________ shine
In the sky
Oh my my my...

(1) stars(2) daddies(3) their(4) than(5) back(6) when(7) little(8) mamas(9) smiled(10) turned(11) next(12) slamming(13) outside(14) sitting(15) favorite(16) down(17) whole(18) came(19) many(20) that(21) this(22) stars(23) that