Fantastic Shine by Love Of A Lesbian


Passing by the crowd

Joy can rise from the dark

As a flash in the forest


For once I'll tell you what's true

How (1)______________ you are

You're the smile to my soundtrack

Have I told you lately
We are (2)______________ through this trip of
Time, oh, (3)________ is time
The (4)________ of thing (5)________ no one knows
Take a look at who's (6)____________ you
Spin in circles, ring around with you

Did I (7)________ tell you
We are drivers through a road called
Life, oh, what is life
A piece of pie
Bursting from the seems that everything's alright
Spin in circles, jump together now

Shine, shine
You can make it grow, grow
From the summer (8)____________ (shining on my sorrow)
(Shining and growing on my loss)
To the highest clouds (growing on my shine)
Fantastic sun
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic us
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic girl
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic light
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic band
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic rise
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic life
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic night
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic you
(Parapa parapara)
Fantastic time
(Parapa parapara)

(1) special(2) friends(3) what(4) kind(5) that(6) around(7) ever(8) ground