In My Darkest Hour by Megadeth


In my hour of need

(Ha) no, you’re not there

And though I reached out for you

Wouldn’t lend a hand

Through the darkest hour
Grace did not shine on me
Feels so cold, very cold
No one (1)__________ for me

Did you ever think I get lonely?
Did you ever think (2)________ I needed love?
Did you ever think to (3)________ thinking?
You’re the (4)________ one that I’m (5)________________ of

You’ll (6)__________ know how hard I tried
To find my space and (7)______________ you too

Things will be better, better...
When I’m dead and gone

Don’t try to understand, (8)______________ you
I'm (9)________________ wrong
But (oh)
How I lived my life for you?
Still you’d turn away
Now as I die for you
My (10)__________ still (11)____________ as I breathe (12)________ name
All (13)__________ years I (14)______________ I was wrong
Now I know it was you
Raise your head
Raise your face, (15)________ eyes
Tell me who you think you are?

I walk, I walk alone
Into the promised land
There’s a (16)____________ (17)__________ for me
But it’s far, far away
Everlasting life for me
In a (18)______________ world
But I gotta die first
Please God send me on my way

Time has a way of taking time
Loneliness is not only (19)________ by fools

Alone I call to ease the pain
Yearning to be held by you
Alone so (20)__________ I’m lost
Consumed by the pain
The pain, the pain, the pain
Won’t you (21)________ me again
You just laughed, ha, ha, bitch
My (22)__________ life is work built on the past
But the time has come when all things shall pass
This (23)________ (24)__________ passed away

(1) cares(2) that(3) stop(4) only(5) thinking(6) never(7) satisfy(8) knowing(9) probably(10) flesh(11) crawls(12) your(13) these(14) thought(15) your(16) better(17) place(18) perfect(19) felt(20) alone(21) hold(22) whole(23) good(24) thing