Another Try by Josh Turner

All the things I felt and (1)__________ shared
All the times she was lonely (2)________ me there
Tears I wouldn't let fall from my eyes
And how I let her go without a fight

The reasons I'm alone I know by heart
But I don't (3)__________ (4)__________ (5)______________ in the dark
I (6)__________ next time I'll hang on for dear life
If love ever (7)__________ me (8)______________ try

There's no changin' things that we regret
The (9)________ that we can (10)________ for is one (11)________ chance
If the hands of time could just move in reverse
I wouldn't make the same mistake again with her

The (12)______________ I'm alone I (13)________ by heart
But I don't (14)__________ spend forever in the dark
I swear next time I'll (15)________ on for (16)________ life
If love ever (17)__________ me (18)______________ try

The reasons I'm (19)__________ I (20)________ by heart
But I don't wanna (21)__________ forever in the dark
(In the dark)
I swear (22)________ (23)________ I'll hang on for (24)________ life
If love ever gives me another try
(Try, try)
(Oh) If love (25)________ (26)__________ me another try

(1) never(2) with(3) wanna(4) spend(5) forever(6) swear(7) gives(8) another(9) best(10) hope(11) more(12) reasons(13) know(14) wanna(15) hang(16) dear(17) gives(18) another(19) alone(20) know(21) spend(22) next(23) time(24) dear(25) ever(26) gives