Wheels by Jamie Cullum

Everyday you live a life so (1)________ of hope
Shouldn't drag your (2)________ around you (3)________ a leather vogue
You remember everything you thought (4)________ life would be
Well its fallin through the (5)__________ of (6)______________ history

Oh, Is (7)________ something that I never, something (8)________ i never had
Oh, Is this (9)__________________ that I never, something that i (10)__________ had
Tell you (11)________ I've heard
The wheels are falling off, the wheels are (12)______________ off the world

Friday night and everything is a ok
We are living like we've (13)____________ known a different way
We are taking on our different roads (14)____________ our goal
It'll bring you (15)________ around to the one you know

Oh, Is this something (16)________ I never, (17)__________________ that i (18)__________ had
Oh, Is this something (19)________ I never, (20)__________________ (21)________ i never had
Tell you what I've heard
The (22)____________ are falling off, the (23)____________ are (24)______________ off the world
(1) full(2) soul(3) like(4) your(5) craks(6) ancient(7) this(8) that(9) something(10) never(11) what(12) falling(13) always(14) before(15) back(16) that(17) something(18) never(19) that(20) something(21) that(22) wheels(23) wheels(24) falling