One More Sleep by Leona Lewis

Snow was falling all (1)____________ us
My baby's coming home for Christmas
I've been up all night (2)____________ my bedroom
You (3)________ that you'll be (4)________ me real soon
So I wait
And I wait
But I've had as much as I can take
'Cause I've got
Five (5)________ (6)____________ of sleeping on my own
Four more days until you're coming home
Three (7)________ dreams of you and mistletoe
Two more reasons why I (8)________ you so
I've got five more nights until you're next to me
Four (9)________ days of (10)__________ lonely
Three more wishes I can barely breathe
If I can make it to Christmas Eve
Then it's one (11)________ sleep
(One (12)________ (13)__________ until it's Christmas)
One more sleep
(Can't believe how much I missed us)
One more sleep
(One (14)________ (15)__________ (16)__________ it's Christmas)
One more sleep

Until we're rocking around the Christmas tree
Until I got you (17)______________ (18)________ to me
We got a lot of catching up to do
I just can't take this missing
Five (19)________ nights on my own
Four (20)________ days

Three more dreams, mistletoe
I can't believe I ever let you go
(Five more nights of sleeping on my own)
On my own
(Four more (21)________ until you're coming home)
Until you're coming home
(Three (22)________ wishes I can barely breathe)
I can barely breathe
(If I can (23)________ it to Christmas Eve)
If I can (24)________ it (Then it's one (25)________ sleep)
It'll be one more
It'll be one more (One more sleep)
It'll be one (26)________ (One (27)________ sleep)
(One more sleep)
(Yeah, yeah)
One (28)________ sleep

(1) around(2) inside(3) said(4) with(5) more(6) nights(7) more(8) love(9) more(10) being(11) more(12) more(13) sleep(14) more(15) sleep(16) until(17) sitting(18) next(19) more(20) more(21) days(22) more(23) make(24) make(25) more(26) more(27) more(28) more