A Elbereth Gilthoniel by Helen Trevillion

Snow-white! Snow-white! O lady clear!
O (1)__________ beyond the Western Seas!
O light to us that wander here
Amid the world of woven trees!

Gilthoniel! O Elbereth!
Clear are thy eyes and bright thy breath!
Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee
In a far land beyond the sea

O stars (2)________ in the (3)______________ Year
With shining hand by her (4)________ sown
In (5)__________ fields now bright and clear
We see your silver blossom blown!

O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
We (6)__________ remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees
Thy (7)__________________ on the Western seas

A (8)________________ Gilthoniel
o menel palan-díriel
le (9)____________ sí di'nguruthos
A tiro nin, fanuilos!
(1) Queen(2) that(3) Sunless(4) were(5) windy(6) still(7) starlight(8) Elbereth(9) nallon