You Can't Say No Forever by Lacrosse

There are still (1)________ things I'd like to say to you
Some things you (2)____________ see
But (3)__________ we're not that close no more
I'm gonna (4)________ to let it be

Although it's really annoying
And is bugging me a lot
I'm just (5)__________ be quiet
And maybe you will work it out
But I doubt it

You can't say no forever, no no no
Sometimes you should let it slide (ah ah ah ah)
I (6)________ I'm not so clever, no no no no
But you're not the picky kind
Now if I was you're girlfriend
I (7)__________ tell you all of this
But since we're not together
I'm not (8)____________ anything at all

You can't say no forever, no no no
You (9)________ to let me in (ah ah ah ah)
You are really stubborn, no no no no
But in the end I always win

(1) some(2) should(3) since(4) have(5) gonna(6) know(7) would(8) saying(9) have