Just Can't Let Her Go by One Direction

She's so (1)________ but I gotta love it,
And I (2)________ can't let her go
I'm so (3)______________ on her (4)________ little
She's a tempting animal

Spends too much
And I (5)__________ tell her no
Drives me nuts
And she got me by the throat

She's so (6)________ but I (7)__________ (8)________ it
And I just can't let her go

Breaks a (9)______________ hearts
I (10)________ I'm (11)________ in line

But I don't (12)________ yeah

I want her
Everybody wants her
She (13)__________ it

I want her but I better run away
(1) mean(2) just(3) whipped(4) tiny(5) never(6) mean(7) gotta(8) love(9) billion(10) know(11) next(12) mind(13) knows