Never Said Goodbye by Glee

I don't know why I'm frightened
I (1)________ my way around here
The cardboard trees, the painted seas, the (2)__________ here
Yes, a world to rediscover
But I 'm not in any hurry
And I (3)________ a moment

The whispered conversations in overcrowded hallways
The atmosphere as thrilling (4)________ as always
Feel the early morning madness
Feel the magic in the making
Why, everything's as if we never said goodbye

I've spent so (5)________ (6)________________ (7)________ trying to resist you
I'm trembling now, you can't (8)________ how I've (9)____________ you
Missed the fairy tale adventure
In (10)________ ever spinning playground
We were (11)__________ together

I'm coming out of make-up
The lights already burning
Not long until the cameras (12)________ (13)__________ turning
And the (14)__________ morning madness
And the (15)__________ in the making
Yes, everything's as if we (16)__________ said goodbye

I don't want to be alone
That's all in the past
This world's waited long enough
I've (17)________ home at last!

And (18)________ time will be bigger
And brighter than we (19)________ it
So watch me fly, we all know I can do it
Could I stop my hand from shaking?
Has (20)__________ ever been a moment
With so (21)________ to (22)________ for?

The whispered conversations in (23)______________________ hallways
So much to say not just (24)__________ but always
We'll have early (25)______________ madness
We'll have magic in the making
Yes, everything's as if we never (26)________ goodbye
Yes, everything's as if we (27)__________ said goodbye
We (28)____________ the world new ways to dream!
(1) know(2) sound(3) need(4) here(5) many(6) mornings(7) just(8) know(9) missed(10) this(11) young(12) will(13) start(14) early(15) magic(16) never(17) come(18) this(19) knew(20) there(21) much(22) live(23) overcrowded(24) today(25) morning(26) said(27) never(28) taught