What's the Weather Like Today? by Nursery Rhymes

What's the weather, what's the weather, like today, (1)________ today?

Look outside the window, (2)________ outside the (3)____________

Can you say?

It's a sunny, it's a sunny, sunny day, sunny day

Go out in the (4)________________

Go out in the (5)________________

Play, play, play

Play, play, (6)________

It's a cloudy, it's a cloudy, cloudy day, cloudy day

Better get a sweater

Better get a (7)______________

If it's (8)________

If it's cold

It's a windy, it's a windy, windy day, windy day

Let's go fly a (9)________ now

Let's go fly a kite now

Fly it high

Fly it (10)________

It's a rainy, it's a rainy, (11)__________ day, (12)__________ day

Better get a raincoat

Better get a raincoat

It's all wet

It's all wet

It's a snowy, it's a snowy, (13)__________ day, snowy day

Get your (14)________ and (15)______________

Get (16)________ (17)________ and (18)______________

Burr, burr, burr, burr, burr, burr

What's the weather, what's the weather, (19)________ today, like today?

Look (20)______________ the window, (21)________ outside the window

Can you say? Can you say?

(1) like(2) look(3) window(4) sunshine(5) sunshine(6) play(7) sweater(8) cold(9) kite(10) high(11) rainy(12) rainy(13) snowy(14) coat(15) mittens(16) your(17) coat(18) mittens(19) like(20) outside(21) look