Plush by Stone Temple Pilots

And I (1)________ (2)________ time's a (3)____________ go So (4)__________ ya (5)__________ to tomorrow? And I see that these are lies to (6)________ (7)__________ you (8)________ care? And I feel it And I feel it (9)__________ ya (10)__________ to tomorrow? (11)__________ ya (12)__________ (13)________ that mask I found? And I feel and i feel When the dogs (14)__________ to smell her Will she smell alone? And I feel so much depends on the weather So is it (15)______________ in your bedroom? And I see that these are the eyes of disarray Would you even care? And I (16)________ it And she feels it (17)__________ ya (18)__________ to tomorrow? Where ya going (19)________ (20)________ mask I found? And I feel, and I feel (21)________ the dogs begin to smell her (22)________ she smell alone? When the dogs do find her Got time, time, to wait for tomorrow
(1) feel(2) that(3) wasted(4) where(5) going(6) come(7) Would(8) even(9) Where(10) going(11) Where(12) going(13) with(14) begin(15) raining(16) feel(17) Where(18) going(19) with(20) that(21) When(22) Will