Interstate Love by Stone Temple Pilots

Waiting on a (1)____________ afternoon For (2)________ I read between the lines Your (3)________ Feelin' like a hand in (4)____________ shame So do you (5)__________ or does it cry? (6)__________ Leavin' on a southern (7)__________ (8)________ (9)__________________ you (10)________ Promises of (11)________ I (12)____________ to be (13)________ watched the time go by All of these things you said to me (14)__________________ is the (15)______________ thing to do With all I've (16)________ and all that's dead for you You lied - good bye Leavin' on a southern (17)__________ Only (18)__________________ you (19)________ (20)________________ of what I (21)____________ to be (22)________ (23)______________ the (24)________ go by, All of these things I said to you
(1) sunday(2) what(3) lies(4) rusted(5) laugh(6) Reply(7) train(8) Only(9) yesterday(10) lied(11) what(12) seemed(13) Only(14) Breathing(15) hardest(16) said(17) train(18) yesterday(19) lied(20) Promises(21) seemed(22) Only(23) watched(24) time